Extract from SWTCC Club Handbook

A Khanacross is a non-speed event involving a series of tests on various layouts.  Each test is designed to test the acceleration, braking and general manoeuvrability of the vehicle and the skill and judgement of the driver.

Each test starts and finishes in a garage and the garages may be at different locations around the track.  After coming to a complete stop in the garage vehicles are required to return to the pits area at idle speed. Some tests may be run in reverse direction.  There will be no minimum number of runs.  There will be no timing facilities provided on the day. Only one car will be on the track at a time.

Drivers must be a minimum of 12 years old, a SWTCC member (or take out a day membership) and hold a minimum of a CAMS Level 2 Non Speed licence.  CAMS licenses and Club membership can be done on the day.  Entry forms are available on the web two weeks prior to the event and entries are accepted on the day.

Juniors may carry passengers subject to approval from the Clerk of Course and the vehicle being with approved seat belts. If the passenger is not a registered driver for the event then they must sign a disclaimer. The passenger must be over 18 years of age, hold a CAMS and civil driver’s licence and comply with the apparel and safety requirements.

Clothing: (As per CAMS Schedule D: Apparel)

  • Helmet: a helmet that complies with AS1698 standards
  • Non-flammable clothing: covering from ankle to neck to wrists. Clothing of synthetic materials such as nylon are not acceptable
  • Shoes: shoes with leather uppers that cover the foot. Shoes which have leather uppers but include elasticised ankle regions are acceptable (e.g. Elastic sided boots)

Practice Lap
This is an optional observation and car warm up lap and is to be carried out at slow speed only.  Any race speed or wheel spinning is not permitted.

Drivers Briefing              
All drivers will be required to sign an attendance sheet or answer a roll call at the driver’s briefing.
Usual times are as follows but check the Supplementary Regulations for each event:

Registration & scrutiny:   8:30 am by 9.45 am.
Entries Close:   9.00 am
Drivers Briefing:   9.45 am.    ALL DRIVERS MUST ATTEND
First test starts:   10.00 am

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