South West Touring Car Club (SWTCC) is a car rally club interested in motorsports, which these days is predominantly engaged in Autocross and Motorkhana, with its roots in a range of car rally events. The club is affiliated with the Confederation of Motor Sport (CAMS) and an event permit is required from CAMS to enable us to conduct any motor sport events or competitions. This permit requires us to run every event under national safety and competition rules and regulations and provides insurance cover for all those involved in the event.

Autocross and Motorkhana are very popular motorsport, with more people having a go at building their own cars, adding an extra dimension to racing. Each month, competitors return with improved vehicles and a little bit more experience under their belts.

In January of each year a new management committee is formed at our Annual General Meeting and that committee is responsible for the running of the club for that year.

The South West Touring Car Club has always maintained a strong emphasis on family and social participation. Junior participation is actively encouraged and several families are now into their second or third generation of members.

The club is also continually upgrading and improving member facilities. The backbone of our club’s success continues to be its strong volunteer work ethic. If members are not competing at an event, they are encouraged to volunteer as an official. Without this dedicated band of volunteers we could not run our events.

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Jason Lowther  0407 658 609

Vice President:
Jason Humble 0407 995 568

Jenny Gerdei 0412 799 806

Brooke Gerdei 0427 629 210

Autocross Secretary:
Shane O'Neill 0467 179 674

Motorkhana Secretary:
Ross Burton  0424893901

Track Manager:

Stewart McMurray  0447622332