For more detailed information have a look at the Club Handbook and the CAMS website at the CAMS Manual of Motorsport.

How can I have a go at racing?

You need a club membership, a CAMS licence and a car.

How do I join the club?

Download a copy of the membership form, fill in the details  and send it to the club secretary using the address on the form. Membership runs from January to December.

How do I get a CAMS licence?

Go to the CAMS website, download the Level 2 Speed/non Speed licence form, fill in the details and send it to CAMS. If you are applying for a new licence on the day of the event complete the form and give it and the payment, to the Event Secretary.

Can I pay my membership and event fees online?

Yes, you can pay both online. The details are on the membership form and in the Series and Supplementary Regs.

How many drivers can we have in one car?

You can have up to three drivers in one car.

What events does the club run?

There are three regular types of events held by the club,

  • Motorkhana – navigating a set course around markers on a gravel surface.
  • Autocross – driving the dual loop Autocross track behind the speedway.
  • Khanacross – driving on various short sections of the Autocross track.
How do I enter an event?

Entry forms and regulations are posted on the website and sent out to all members.

  • For Motorkhana and Khanacross entires are handed in on the day.
  • For Autocross entries and payment must be received before 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the event.
How do I know what the details of each event are?

There are two regulations for each event. One is the Series Regulation and that applies to the whole season. There are also Supplementary Regulations for each round. It is important you read both of these.

When do I pay the entry fee for an event?

For Motorkhana entry is paid on the day.
For Autocross entries open 2 weeks before the event and close on the Wednesday before the event and no late entries are accepted.

What licence do I need to race?

For Motorkhana a CAMS Level 2 Non-Speed licence with juniors a minimum age of 12 years.

For Autocross a CAMS Level 2 Speed licence with juniors a minimum of 14 years of age.

Can I get a CAMS licence on the day of the event?

You can get a new CAMS licence on the day of the event, renewals have to be done with CAMS prior to the event and can be done online or by mail.

What car can I drive in an Autocross?

Any road worthy vehicle which complies to the CAMS specifications.

Can I use an automatic car?

Yes, automatics are fine to use.

Can I use a 4WD/AWD vehicle?

2WD vehicles are given preference over 4WD vehicles in the event that entries exceed the event limit.  Four wheel drive and All wheel drive vehicles will not be eligible for outright points or placing.

What do I need to do to my car to be able to race?

You need to

  1. Fit a fire extinguisher
  2. Tow point front and rear to be marked as per CAMS specifications.
  3. A blue triangle to mark the position of the battery as per CAMS specifications.
  4. Mud flaps need to be fitted to the drive wheels
Do I need a roll cage?

A roll cage is not essential. If a roll cage is fitted it should be built in a neat and professional manner.

Is there need for any specific race clothing?

For Motorkhana you need at least short sleeve shirt/t shirt and short pants and closed in shoes.
For Autocross you need long pants and long sleeves in a non flammable (cotton)  material, shoes with leather uppers and a helmet that meets Australian Standards.

Can I have a practice on the track before the event?

Drivers are given the opportunity to have a reconnaissance run after the drivers brief and before the event commences.

Are there any special requirements for night events?

You need your headlights to be  in working order and you need a least one tail-light.

Can I use my open wheel vehicle?

Open wheel formula racing cars are NOT eligible to compete.

Pits Speed Limit

Pits Speed Limit

Safety In The Pits

For the safety of all involved the following instructions apply in the pit area.

If they are not complied with it may result in the event being stopped:

  • Smoking in the pit area is PROHIBITED.
  • Children under the age of fourteen years old are not permitted into the pit area once competition has commenced and cannot be considered part of any competitors pit crew.
  • Children may enter the pit area prior to racing, at the lunch break and after the completion of the event ONLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.
  • Pets prohibited. 
  • Alcohol consumption prohibited.
  • No smoking within 10m of pit area.
  • When re-fuelling a vehicle have a fire extinguisher at the ready 
  • When jacking a vehicle use stands, not just a single jack 
  • No trailers in pits area.

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